" When life gets blurry, adjust your focus " - anonymous

About Me

I am a new momma to a set of twins. You know what they say, "Double the Love, Half the Sleep" (lol). I'm married to an absolutely amazing man whom I am sure wants to strangle me at times (haha). I could not be more thankful to God for my family. I come from a large family and believe that my world would not be the same without them (yes even the crazy ones).

I discovered my passion of photography through photographing my babies. I realized just how busy life can be and I did not want to miss or forget about all the special moments that life has to offer. I wanted photographs to capture as many moments [no matter how big or small] as possible. I found myself with my cell phone glued to my hands always taking their pictures. One day I decided this just wasn't good enough. So I decided to INVEST...invest in my family and give them what they deserve. It was my love for them that helped me discover my passion for capturing moments and telling a story. So here I am, Jana Sharee Photography, and I am so incredibly happy to be the face behind the lens that captures your next special moment and helps you tell your story.



"Collect moments not things"